Practice Tests for Top Philippine Exams
We provide the largest and most comprehensive practice tests for the most popular college, board, licensure and language examinations in the Philippines. The practice tests are written and monitored by exam reviewers, examiners, review authors and selected topnotchers.
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Our Practice Tests Are Designed To Improve Your Chances of Passing

  • Increases Your Chances of Passing
  • Identical to the Actual Exams – Written By Reviewers/Examiners
  • Timed Exams
  • Trains Your Brain to be ‘Wired’ For The Exam
  • Boosts Your Confidence Level
  • Makes You Familiar With The Test Procedures
  • High Quality Questions
  • Trains You To Be Used To The Timed Exams
  • Designed to Progressively Improve Your Scores
  • Proven To Improve Your Test Scores
  • Endorsed By The Top Review Schools
  • Makes You Less Nervous During The Actual Test
  • Graphical Report of Progress
As a parent, is the answer to my question: “After review centers, what the next step for my son?” This is exactly what we need: practice exams after going thru a rigorous review
- Net Mendoza

The practice exams make me familiar with the level of difficulties of UPCAT. I am more confident and at ease for the coming big day
- Betty de la Cruz

This is a great idea for the students.
- Junjun Magno, H.S. teacher

We Have Practice Tests For The Most Popular Philippine College Exams/Board Exams/Licensure Exams

  • U.P. College Admission Test (UPCAT)
  • Ateneo College Entrance Test (ACET)
  • DLSU College Entrance Test (DLSUCET)
  • Licensure Examination For Teachers (LET)
  • Real Estate Brokers Examination
  • Insurance Brokers Examination
  • Customs Brokers Examination
  • Engineering Board Exams
  • Seaman and Deck officers Examinations
  • Registered Financial Planners
  • Industrial Testing
  • Psychological Testing

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